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Anonymous asked: Who do you think deserves the Iron Throne? (assuming you haven't read the books)

who do i think? stannis
who do i want? any of the starks somehow

Anonymous asked: favorite movies? i need some to watch during my last days of holidays

  1. fight club
  2. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  3. garden state
  4. lars and the real girl
  5. trainspotting

Anonymous asked: fav albums of 2013??

  1. the 1975 - the 1975
  2. reflektor - arcade fire
  3. modern vampires of the city - vampire weekend
  4. silence yourself - savages
  5. random access memories - daft punk
  6. where the heaven are we? - swim deeep
  7. the bones of what you believe - chvrches
  8. yeezus - kanye west
  9. days are gone - haim
  10. am - arctic monkeys

Anonymous asked: Have you bred anymore perfect Pokemon?

mawile, blissey, garchomp

Anonymous asked: How did you bowl 150???

i average like 150-180 i had a shit game

Anonymous asked: your girlfriend is a cutie and I am genuinely happy that you are happy! stay black xoxo

thank u friend xxxx

Anonymous asked: How come you don't use Tumblr anymore?

i got a girlfriend and my shit together

Anonymous asked: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN

i spend a lot of time with a girl
also with dave
also i haven’t been able to sit upright for 2 days
thank you for noticing my absence :)

Anonymous asked: Can't watch a show actually featuring women as lead characters? Wow. W o w.

i forgot every single person on this website becomes a member of the social justice society of the world every time something ‘kinda sorta’ might be a little bit related to something someone can complain about

Anonymous asked: Are you happy?

you know funnily enough if you had’ve asked me these 3 words with a question mark at the end about 2 months ago i probably wouldn’t have been quicker to answer with a ‘no’, but it’s really nice to be able to read something so simple and be able to say yes to it and i mean i still have some parts of my life that aren’t great, i don’t have a lot of money and i’m not enjoying my schooling, but yeah, i’m happy hah

Anonymous asked: is it true you hate septum piercings?

more than anything

Anonymous asked: What's your Black 2 team before you start X and Y?

  • crobat
  • heracross
  • chansey
  • arcanine
  • lucario
  • garchomp

Anonymous asked: remember that time you met hamish & andy

i’ve met them 3 times now

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm flying from Perth to Melbourne tonight for the Grand Final (excellent prediction by the way) can you please enlighten me about the weather over there.. what do I pack!?

melbourne’s weather will go from 6 degrees to 27 degrees in a weekend so pack long pants/leggings and maybe a light jumper
go freo! 

Anonymous asked: I've never seen Star Wars. What order should I watch the movies in?

4, 5, 5, 6, 4, 5, 5, 4, 6, 6, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6